Starting today, Wednesday 9/21, you can register for Dis-Orientation on Eventbrite (you can access the link here or on our Facebook page). Registration on Eventbrite will be open until the following Wednesday, 9/28. Pick-up for wristbands will be in person on Friday 9/30. You may also purchase tickets in person on 9/30. You must be 21 to attend the bar nights but you do NOT need to be 21 to attend the Toga Party on the Esplanade. However, you do need to be 21 to consume alcohol at that event. Government-issued photo ID and GOCard are required at the wristband pick-up on 9/30 and at all subsequent events with alcohol. With your $25 registration fee, you will receive an official Dis-O t-shirt and wristband.

Attached you will find a detailed calendar as well as the calendar above for your convenience.

For more information or to make accommodation requests, contact the SCC Events Chair, Emma Conn at sccevents@georgetown.edu.

Click here for the detailed DIS-O 2016 schedule!