Past Senior Class Committees

The 2017 SCC would like to recognize the amazing Senior Class Committees of the past that have paved the way for the outstanding events that we are able to provide to the Senior class today. Plaques in our Leavey Center office also commemorate these individuals.

2016 SCC

Chairwoman: Camille Dirago

Events Chair: Lauren Sinclair

Finance Chair: Kevin Wilson

Marketing Chair: Alexis Oni-Eseleh

Senior Auction Chair: Allison Zack

Senior Ball Chair: Caroline Koch

Senior Parents’ Weekend Chair: Rushika Athia

Hilltop Engagement Chair: Maurice McCaulley

2015 SCC

Chairwoman: Bridget Mullen, COL

Events Chair: Helen Li, MSB

Finance Chair: Virginia Carefoote, MSB

Marketing Chair: JJ Jimenez, COL

Senior Auction Chair: Catherine Carrol, MSB

Senior Ball Chair: Allison Latham, COL

Senior Parents’ Weekend Chair: Sandra Joyce, COL

Hilltop Engagement Chair: Alex Skarzynski , SFS

2014 SCC

Chairman: Cody Cowan, SFS

Events Chair: Andi DeBellis, MSB

Finance Chair: Jamie Niu, SFS

Marketing Chair: Bibiana Jakubianska, MSB

Senior Auction Chair: Maggie Cleary, COL

Senior Ball Chair: Katherine Foley, SFS

Senior Parents’ Weekend Chair: Zainab Ibrahim, NHS

Hilltop Engagement Chair: Amanda Wynter, COL

2013 SCC

Chairman: Justin Travis Mercer, COL

Events Chair: Cat Shi, MSB

Homecoming/Senior Ball Chair: Katherine Henterly, COL

Finance Chair: Kelsey Tsai, COL

Marketing Chair: Paloma Bengoechea, COL

Senior Parents’ Weekend Chair: Murphy Kate Delaney, COL

Senior Auction Chair: Lauren Boas Hayes, SFS

Transitions and Outreach Chair: Adrian Mansylla, MSB