Schedule For the 2018 Weekend

More events to be added for sign up in January*

Friday, February 8:

  •    12:00-5:00pm Registration
  •    10:00-7:00pm GradSalute, Georgetown Bookstore
  •    1:00-2:00pm Last Chance Lecture
  •    1:30 Muslim, English Jum’ah                        
  •        4:00-5:00pm Jesuit History Tour with Fr. Matt Carnes, SJ
  •    5:00-7:00pm President’s Welcome Reception
  •    6:30pm Shabbat
  •    7:00pm EatDC
  •        7:30pm Cherry Tree Massacre
  •    8:00pm Georgetown University Dance Company Performance
  •    9:00pm Improvfest

Saturday, February 9th

  •    10:00-11:30am Breakfast
  •    11:30-5:00pm ExploreDC
  •    10:00-6:00pm GradSalute  
  •    10:00-12:00pm Continued Check-in/Help Table
  •    11:00-12:00pm Tour with Dr. Todd Olson  
  •    11:00-12:00pm Last chance Lecture
  •    12:00-3:00pm Basketball Game vs. Butler, Capital One Arena  
  •    3:00-4:00pm ServeDC, Community Partner
  •    4:00-7:00pm EatDC
  •    7:00pm Senior Auction, Grand Hyatt Hotel

Sunday, February 10th

  •    10:00-11:00 Senior Catholic Mass, Gaston Hall
  •    11:00-12:30pm Farewell Brunch
  •    10:00-5:00pm GradSalute
  •    Protestant Service
  •        5:00pm Āratī (Hindu Service)


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