Senior Auction

This event is a charitable auction held during Senior Parents weekend. The goal of senior auction is to celebrate the outgoing senior class and to fundraise for the class’ graduation activities, such as Senior Ball, Senior Week, and other Senior-centric programming. All profit from Senior Ball goes directly into making these events more accessible for all seniors, making Senior Auction a foundational part of every senior’s Georgetown experience.

Senior Auction presents a fun chance for students and parents to meet and reflect on their times at Georgetown with the senior class community. We certainly hope to see you this February!

Date – February 3, 2018, Saturday of Senior Parents Weekend
Location – tbd

Rough Schedule

7:00 – Doors Open/Silent Auction Begins
8:45 – Ballroom Doors open/Silent Auction Ends
9:00 – Welcome/Toast
9:15 – Auction Begins

How to Donate

Donations are the foundation of Senior Auction – Senior Class Committee depends on the generosity of parents and members of the Georgetown community in order to give back to the class of 2018.
Benefits to donating include:
  • Ticket considerations commensurate to the value of the items donated
  • Tax considerations
  • Concrete, direct benefits for the Georgetown student body