Senior Ball


Departures from McDonough Gym on Georgetown University Campus directly to Union Station on Friday evening.

(Allow time for traffic – seating available on a first come, first serve basis)



The 26th Annual Georgetown University Senior Ball: All Roads Lead to the Hilltop
May 19, 2017 | 9PM
Union Station – Washington, D.C.

The first round of ticket sales is OPEN.


Check out some FAQs below about all things Senior Ball.

~See you on the dance floor!~

Hi everyone,

My name is Chantal Durgana, and I have the privilege of planning the 26th Annual Georgetown University Senior Ball! Here are some frequently asked questions I have prepared to provide preliminary information about the event:

Senior Ball

  • What is Senior Ball?
    • Senior Ball is an end-of-year gala for Georgetown seniors, students and families to celebrate their time on the Hilltop before graduation.
  • Where and when is Senior Ball?
    • Senior Ball will be held at Union Station in Washington, D.C. on Friday, May 19 from 9pm to 1am.
  • Who can attend?
    • Senior Ball is a celebration for Georgetown seniors and their families.
  • Is there a dress code?
    • There is NO official dress code for the Senior Ball. Please feel free to dress up as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Cultural attire is encouraged!
  • How much do Senior Ball tickets cost?
    • Each ticket is $100. (Service fees may apply)
      • 13 years and under ticket is $50. (13 years and under tickets can be purchased only during the second round of ticket sales.)
  • Do seniors need to purchase a ticket to Senior Ball?
    • Yes, seniors need to purchase a ticket to Senior Ball.
  • When do tickets go on sale?
    • Tickets will go on sale April 5, 2017! You can purchase your tickets on our Eventbrite site, which will be posted on this page soon.
    • First Sales Period: April 5, 2017 – April 18, 2017
      • Ticket sales are only open to Georgetown seniors and their families. Each senior will be able to purchase up to 3 tickets. This will ensure that each senior has the opportunity to obtain at most three tickets for the Ball.
    • On and after April 19, 2017
      • Ticket sales will open to all, without restrictions on the number of tickets that can be purchased per reservation.

Senior Ball has sold out in the past, so it is strongly advised that current seniors buy their three tickets at the allotted time, and then purchase any additional tickets as soon as possible. Example: if you have 8 people that wish to attend, you may purchase 3 tickets between April 5 and April 18 and the remaining 5 on April 19.

    • Please note:
      • On May 10, 2017: Tickets will increase to $110; 13 years and under tickets will remain at $50
  • Who can I contact for more information?

Pre-Registration for Senior Ball

  • What is pre-registration for Senior Ball?
    • This is an opportunity for attendees to pick up their tickets to Senior Ball before getting to Union Station on Friday evening.
  • When and where can I pre-register for Senior Ball?
    • Thursday, May 18 in Sellinger Lounge (in the Leavey Center) from 9am-12pm
    • Thursday, May 18 in the Healey Family Student Center Great Room from 4pm-6pm 
    • Friday, May 19 in the Leavey Program Room (in the Leavey Center) from 10am-2pm
  • Who can pre-register for Senior Ball?
    • At least one person from each party’s reservation can pick up their entire party’s tickets during pre-registration periods.
    • We will NOT allow anyone to pick up tickets for another party’s reservation (roommate, friend, etc.).
  • What if I lose my tickets after picking them up before Senior Ball?
    • We will NOT re-distribute tickets in the case of lost tickets. Once you have pre-registered in our system, it is your responsibility to show up to Union Station with your tickets.
    • In the case of lost tickets, you will be asked to pay for a ticket in cash on-site if you still want to attend the Ball.
  • Who can I contact for more information?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions/concerns you may have. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Chantal Durgana, 2017 Senior Ball Chair