Registration Information

Senior Parents Weekend, Senior Auction Registration and FAQ’s. 

Tickets can be purchased at here.  As always with any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register to attend Senior Parents Weekend? Georgetown seniors and faculty members do not need to register for Senior Parents Weekend. All others who wish to attend Senior Parents Weekend organized events including Auction and Cherry Tree Massacre MUST first register for Senior Parents Weekend. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends not registered for Senior Parents Weekend will not be admitted to the Cherry Tree Massacre, Auction, or any other Senior Parents Weekend events.

Does everyone in my party need to register, or just 1 person? Every member of your party except Georgetown seniors will need to register. We offer couples registration for any two people – mother and father, aunt and uncle, etc – and individual registration for any single family member (brother, sister, grandparent). Please use these options in whatever combination suits your party. For children under 16 years of age there is no registration fee, but please do register any children so we can have accurate numbers of attendees for events.

Does my Georgetown senior need to register for Senior Parents Weekend? No. Georgetown seniors are invited to Senior Parents Weekend events free of charge. Georgetown Seniors are invited to attend the Auction and Cherry Tree Massacre, but will not be admitted to either of these two events without a Cherry Tree Massacre ticket or an Auction ticket. You may add an additional ticket for just those sections of your Eventbrite purchase if your senior plans to attend.

When will I receive the tickets I purchase here? At the start of the weekend, the Senior Class Committee will set up a check-in station at which all who have registered for Senior Parents Weekend will receive a Senior Parents Weekend packet in which they will also find any Cherry Tree Massacre tickets or Auction tickets they purchased enclosed. Please visit scc.georgetown.edufor more information about registration check-in.

Do I need to buy a Cherry Tree Massacre, Basketball game, Raffle, or Senior Auction ticket? These events are all optional, but recommended. If your senior plans to attend any of these events with you, be sure to get them a ticket in the corresponding section of your Eventbrite purchase.

What is Cherry Tree Massacre? The Cherry Tree Massacre is an annual a cappella performance hosted by the Georgetown Chimes featuring various Georgetown a cappella groups. The Cherry Tree Massacre performances will be held Friday, February 5th and Saturday, February 6th. Tickets will be available for purchase through Senior Parents Weekend registration for $12.

Can I buy a Cherry Tree Massacre or Senior Auction ticket without registering for Senior Parents Weekend? No. All attendees of Senior Auction must be registered for Senior Parents Weekend except Georgetown seniors. Seniors still need a ticket to attend the auction. A large portion of Cherry Tree Massacre tickets are reserved only for those registered for Senior Parents Weekend. It is recommended you purchase your ticket through Senior Parents Weekend registration before they sell out. Add a ticket to these individual events to your Eventbrite purchase for your senior student if they plan to attend.

What are the differences among the various “levels” of tickets for the Auction? Seating at the auction is arranged by sections. A limited number of tables located closest to the stage comprise the “Lincoln” level (8-10 seats), while “Jefferson” and “Washington” levels (12 seats) indicate select and standard seating, respectively.

Can I choose who I sit with at Senior Auction? Yes. Tables at the Hyatt seat 12 people, and tables will be assigned based on ticket level, as greater proximity to the stage is one of the perks of the “Lincoln” and “Jefferson” ticket levels. Please please have everyone in your party of 12 – all of whom should have purchased tickets from the same level – indicate their seating request below their personal information on the Auction ticket order form. Questions regarding seating should be directed to

What is the Raffle? Join Senior Auction for its traditional lottery drawing! For this Senior Auction staple, we will be selling 300 tickets for the $10,000 grand prize drawing at the end of the night. No limits on the number of tickets you may purchase, contact with any further questions!

Is there a Refund Policy for Senior Parents Weekend and Senior Auction? As long as your request for a refund is placed before registration closes on January 29th, we will be able to issue a refund. After that point, we will not be able to issue refunds for purchased registrations or tickets.